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Company Vision

Vision is to become a national leader ion Electro plating and Anodising Industry by providing outstanding metal coating services, using cutting sdge technology and environment friendly coating solutions for product durability provided by professional team of hardworking and efficient manpower force and we aimed to uplift lives of hardworking people in society through our organization.

Company Mission

Earn respect and reputation as a strong leader by demonstating expertise and fine-tuned metal coating and finishing

Ensure total value for customer's trust and business with us. Setup a successful branch in every district of the country and create more earning opportunities

Creating a strong and futuristic team of management and passionate employees to drive high performance and achieve consistent growth of organization

Resaearch and Implementation of Innovative marketing techniques and technology to achive customers and employee satisfaction

Providing education to Enhance the knowledge of all our employees and their children, equip them with saftly measures as group insurance, health care service


Company Values

We are a team of passionate, innovative and skilled professionals dedicated to provide best service

We believe in Ethical, Transparent and Customer centric business transactions to ensure customer satisfaction

We add value to our customer's product by providing quatity coating to ensure long lasting and shining products

We are committed to continuous improvement of our services to remain best in the industry

We believe, uplifting hard working employee class and enabling them to lead a good tife wilt bring social prosperity

We respect customers feedback or opinion

Our Environment Policies

Regularly review all stages of our operation in order to minimise our impact on the environment

Ensure that we comply with the spirit and the letter of national legislation and local regulatory controls, as well as meeting industry standards and operating to relevant codes of practice

Endeavour to reduce the amount of waste produced and dispose of such waste in a safe and responsible way, re-using or recycling where applicable

Monitor and measure all environmentally significant emissions and discharges to water, air and land to minimise the environmental impact

Establish procedures to prevent pollution and conserve energy wherever possible and undertake programmes to continually improve our environmental performance

Minimise the environmental impact of any processes by employing the best techniques not entailing excessive cost

Promote environmental principles by sharing and exchanging information of environmental importance with regulatory bodies, professional associations, customers, suppliers contractors and employees

Establish environmental training needs within the company and maintain training programmes

Develop and maintain an environmental management system, setting objectives and targets, as well as reviewing this policy, on a regular basis

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