Silver plated electrical connectors

White matte to very bright in appearance. Good corrosion resistance, depending on base metal will tarnish easily. Hardness varies from about 90 to about 135 Brinnell depending on process and plating conditions. Solderability is excellent, but decreases with age. Best electrical conductivity. Has excellent lubricity and smear characteristics for anti galling uses on static seals, bushings, etc. Increasing use in both decorative and engineering fields including electrical and electronic industry.

Silver Plating Typical thickness .0005" unless otherwise specified. :

There are several types of gold plating used in the electronics industry

Type I: Matte finish.
TYPE II: Semi-bright.
TYPE III: Bright.
GRADE A: Chromate post treatment to improve tarnish resistance.
GRADE B: No supplemental treatment.


Digressing G & W Chemical
Rinse Stationary water
Pickling G & W Chemical 30% & 70% water
Rinse Stationary water
Strike Silver G & W Chemical Strike Silver bath
Rinse Stationary water
Silver Plating Plating barrel/ vat process
Rinse DM water
Top Coat G & W Chemical
Drying Oven
Inspection Visual
Curing Open air
Despatch Sealing